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Community Banking & Financial Services for Your Small Business

According to a World Bank report, the world’s small and medium-sized enterprises have unmet finance needs of approximately $5.2 trillion a year.  Access to finance is a key restraint.  As a commercial banker at American Community Bank & Trust, I am uniquely qualified in these markets in the greater Chicagoland area and I want to help my clients grow their businesses and succeed. Read More.

How to Teach Your Employees to Spot a Phishing Email

Because so many businesses use email as an essential tool in their everyday operations, phishing remains a preeminent cybersecurity threat to businesses. The more employees a company has, and the more they rely on email for communication, the greater the chance that someone will fall victim to a scam. In this post, we’ll cover how to train employees to spot phishing attempts, as well as ways you as an employer can improve your business’s cybersecurity practices.  Read More.

How a Community Bank Can Grow Your Small Business

At American Community Bank & Trust, commercial banking is one of our prime focuses, and we strive to take a personalized approach, providing our business customers access to financial decision makers and banking solutions that offer speed and flexibility. Learn more about the many benefits of working with a community bank like us. Read More.