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Positive Pay

Reduce Check Fraud

Positive Pay is a treasury management tool that helps reduce the risk of fraud by reviewing checks and/or ACH items presented for payment before they clear your account. If any information does not match the check or ACH information, an exception will occur and you will be notified via email and/or text. We offer three solutions to help protect your business.




Positive Pay

-Matches the dollar amount, check number, and issue date

-Exceptions sent via email or text

-Free with a commercial deposit account

Small businesses that have a low volume of checks and do not have the need for reporting features or payee match.
Positive Pay Premium

-Matches the dollar amount, check number, issue date, and payee

-Customized reporting

-Exceptions sent via email or text

Dedicated platform accessible via Online Banking

-Monthly fee- reduced rate if bundled with ACH Positive Pay

Businesses that need to automate check reconciliation, simplify accounts payable, reduce risk, and want daily account monitoring.
ACH Positive Pay

-Matches the dollar amount and issue date

-Customized reporting

-Exceptions sent via email or text

-set up approved and blocked lists by vendor or amount

-Dedicated platform accessible via Online Banking

-Monthly fee- reduced rate if bundled with Check Positive Pay

Businesses that want sophisticated service to reduce risk, be in control of ACH clearance, and streamline accounts payable.