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High Value CDs

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®) are an easy and secure way to access FDIC insurance on deposits of $250,000 or more. Simply sign a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement, make your deposit, and we will take care of the rest! Your large deposit will be broken up into amounts under $250,000 and placed at other CDARS Network participating banks. As a result, your entire deposit is eligible for FDIC insurance and you have the convenience of receiving one monthly statement from American Community Bank & Trust.

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CDs Without CDARS

CDs Through CDARS

Deposits over $250,000 may not 
be eligible for FDIC insurance
Deposits over $250,000 that are placed 
through Network members are eligible 
for full FDIC insurance
Multiple bank relationships or account 
registrations are required to achieve 
FDIC insured deposits over $250,000

One bank for all your CD and banking needs

Multiple statements and 1099s result 
from numerous banking relationships
One consolidated statement and 1099