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Savings, CDs & Money Market Accounts

Your individual needs determine the savings account features that are best for you. Compare our savings options below. Need help deciding? Please contact one of our Relationship Bankers to discuss which savings plan is right for you. We will help you open a savings account at American Community Bank & Trust.

Account Features


CD and

Money Market

Opening Balance Requirement $100

Full-time students and minors - $25

Maintenance Fee

None with average daily balance of $250

Otherwise $6/quarter

Penalty for early withdrawal

None with minimum daily balance of $1,000

Otherwise $10/month

Mailed Statement Fee


$10/month with check images



$10/month with check images
BenefitsInterest paid on all balancesFixed interest rates for the termLiquidity and convenience
Features 6 free withdrawals per month

$5 fee per excessive withdrawal

CD terms: 60 days to 5 years

IRA CD: 12/15/18/24/30/36/48 or 60 months

6 free withdrawals per month

$5 fee per excessive withdrawal

Compare savings accounts in Northeast Illinois

Learn more about our FDIC-insured savings options: 

Savings Account

Our basic savings account is suitable for a wide range of needs. We offer a smaller opening balance requirement for full-time college students and minor children. With an average daily balance of at least $250, you can avoid the quarterly maintenance fee. All balances earn interest.

CDs and IRA CDs

When you’d like to earn a higher rate of return on your savings, or start a retirement savings account, consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or IRA CD. There is a $2,000 opening balance requirement. Choose from CD terms of 60 days-5 years and IRA CD terms of 12-60 months. You’ll earn a fixed interest rate throughout the term.

Money Market

Enjoy liquidity and convenience with your savings account, while earning a competitive interest rate on your balance. A $1,000 balance is required to open a Money Market, and to avoid the monthly maintenance fee.

Open a Savings Account!

Serving the greater Chicagoland area, American Community Bank & Trust is a privately owned, commercial-focused niche bank in Northeast Illinois. Our customers are our top priority–you can count on us to be responsive to all your banking needs. To learn more about our savings options or to open a new savings account, contact us today!