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Business Debit Cards

Our debit cards provide an easy way to manage daily business expenses and quickly access cash or credit.

uChoose Rewards®

If you are a current American Community Bank & Trust debit card holder, start earning free rewards by enrolling in uChoose Rewards.

  • Earn 1 point for every $2 spent via signature transaction
  • Earn points online at a uChoose Rewards retailer
  • Redeem points online for gift cards, merchandise, events, and experiences
  • Points are valid for 2 years

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Digital Wallet

Make purchases without having to carry cash or physical cards by adding your American Community Bank & Trust debit card to the digital wallet app on your mobile device.

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Unauthorized Debit Card Activity

With the recent rise in debit card fraud, we must work together to protect your account.

Our Role

  • We actively monitor your debit card account and try to detect potentially fraudulent activity.
  • If we suspect something is out of the ordinary, we may call you during normal business hours to verify the legitimacy of the transactions.
  • After normal banking hours the Fraud Detection Center will contact you to review any transactions that seem out of the ordinary.
    • To verify your identity, the automated system will ask you to enter your zip code.
    • You will be asked to verify one or more recent transactions.
    • If fraud is confirmed or suspected, you will be transferred to a representative. If the transactions are legitimate, no further action is required.
    • If you are not available to answer the call, a message will be left and a call-back phone number will be provided. If the call was originated by the Fraud Detection Center, you will be given an authentication number to retrieve your alert and you will be asked to approve the transaction or identify it as fraudulent.

Your Role

  • Take bank card fraud seriously.
  • Use a separate account for debit card usage.
  • Review your accounts daily and tell us immediately if you believe your card, and/or, PIN has been lost or stolen.
  • Utilize Card Valet to minimize risk by setting account limits by amount, location, or employee.
  • Respond quickly to our calls.
  • Make sure we have your phone numbers on file and ensure your contact information is accurate and current.

Please Note:  Because commercial debit cards are not covered by Reg E we cannot offer provisional credit.  In the case of a fraudulent transaction, you will only receive credit on funds we are able to recoup, if and when that occurs.

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