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Online Banking Security


Your transactions and personal information are secured by encryption software that converts the information into code that is readable by only you and the bank ensuring private communication.

Password Tips

It is critically important that only authorized persons log into Online Banking. Your access ID and Password are your unique identifier and the first line of defense. Be sure not to share them with anyone - most frauds involving hijacked accounts originate with someone the victim knows.

You are allowed to enter your password incorrectly three times. After the third attempt, you must contact us to reinitialize your account if it becomes suspended.

Security begins with a strong password, which only you should possess. Experts advise a combination of letters, numbers and special characters to make a strong password.

Periodically change your password in the User Option section of online banking.

To Prevent Others from Logging on to Your Account:

Never use easy-to-guess passwords. Examples:

  • Birth dates
  • First names
  • Pet names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social Security numbers

Additional Security

A multifactor authentication process is included in our Online Banking. This process provides an additional layer of security to protect you from identity theft. When you enroll in Online Banking, you register your computer with the bank. In addition, you pick an authentication image and pass phrase. After entering your Access ID, the authentication image and pass phrase will appear on your computer screen. Once you have confirmed your image and pass phrase, enter your password. If the image and pass phrase do not match, immediately close the Online Banking session and begin the process again. Online Banking provides a safe and secure environment to do your banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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