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Your individual needs demand options. Talk with a relationship banker to determine which of our savings
accounts is right for you.

Account Features Savings CD and IRA CD Health Savings**
Opening Balance Requirement $100* $2,000 $100
Interest Paid Quarterly Semi-annually or at maturity.
Additional tier for $100,000+
Additional tier for $100,000+
Maintenance Charge Quarterly. None with average daily balance of $250
Fall below fee $6
Penalty for early withdrawal None with average daily balance of $500           
Fall below fee $2 per month
Features 6 free withdrawals per month
$5 per excessive withdrawal
Terms 60 days to 5 years. IRA Terms: 12/15/24/36/48 or 60 month Unlimited transactions
Benefits Interest paid on all balances Fixed interest rates for the term Contributions and withdrawals are tax free**

*Full time students and minors - $25 opening balance
**This account is subject to IRS rules and regulations and compliments a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan.

Certificates of Deposit through CDARS

Our Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)SM, is another way in which we strive to bring you options to fit your individual needs. With CDARS, you can consolidate all of your funds in one FDIC insured portfolio with one monthly statement. You no longer need to open accounts at multiple banks or in other individuals' names solely to obtain FDIC insurance.

CDs without CDARS CDs through CDARS
Deposits over $250,000 may not
be eligible for FDIC insurance
Deposits over $250,000 that are placed
through Network members are eligible
for full FDIC insurance
Multiple bank relationships or account
registrations are required to achieve
FDIC insured deposits over $250,000
One bank for all your CD and banking needs
Multiple statements and 1099s result
from numerous banking relationships
One consolidated statement and 1099

CDARS offers specific advantages to institutional and business customers.

Please Note: The FDIC has increased insurance coverage to $250,000 and unlimited guarantees on non-interest bearing deposits until December 31, 2012. Please contact one of our Relationship Bankers for current information.

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