American Community Bank

Our premium service begins by making it easy for you to transfer your banking relationship to American Community Bank & Trust.

Visit any of our banks and a relationship banker will quickly open your new account.

Please bring these three items:
1. Your social security number or tax identification number
2. Your driver's license
3. Your opening deposit

Then complete and deliver these forms:
Use the first form to notify your old bank to close your account and request a check for the remaining balance. You may mail or hand deliver this notice.

Use the second form to alert your employer that you want your paycheck directly deposited to your new American Community Bank & Trust account. If you use payroll direct deposit, you should also provide this form to your company's payroll department to provide them with your new account information.

Use the third form if you wish to make automatic withdrawals and automatic payments. Send a separate form with a voided check from your new American Community Bank & Trust account to each company or organization you have authorized to make withdrawals. These withdrawals may have been made using your old debit card number or may be online automated payments.

For information on how to change your Social Security direct deposit, click here.


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