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Mobile Banking Security

We use proven technology with the highest level of security available and multiple layers of identity authentication to protect your personal information.

Why and apps are secure

  • No personal or account information is stored on your mobile phone
  • 128-bit encryption plus a personal password masks your sensitive information
  • When you close your browser or app, your session ends

Why text banking is secure:

  • You view accounts by nicknames you choose, not account numbers
  • No detailed personal information is sent

Is your phone lost or stolen?  Go to and access the Mobile Banking pages.  On the MY Phones page, find the phone number of the phone that is lost or stolen and select the option "Stop Using This Number for Mobile Banking."

Mobile Banking AppTo ensure the safety of your personal account information, download mobile apps from reputable sources only. You can download the amcombank mobile iPhone® App from the iTunes Apps Store, and the amcombank mobile App for Android™ from Google Play.

Mobile and Online Security Tips

Tips to minimize risk when using mobile apps:

Applications, or apps, are programs you can download to your mobile device. Apps that let you monitor your finances and conduct certain transactions are increasing in popularity.

  • Password protect your mobile device – Your mobile device should be protected with a strong password.
  • Do not store passwords on your device.
  • Do not enable apps to remember your device password.
  • Set your device to auto-lock after a few minutes.
  • If your device has a remote wipe feature, enable it. If the device is lost or stolen, this will allow you to remotely remove all of your personal data and restore it to factory settings.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi when performing financial transactions – Most mobile devices can use both wireless Internet and a mobile provider’s 3G or 4G network. Use only 3G or 4G networks for all secure transactions, such as banking.
  • Be alert to changes in the performance of your mobile device – If you download an app and your device begins to perform differently (for example: responding slowly to commands or draining its battery faster), it could be a sign that a malicious code is present on that device.
  • Update all apps when notified.
  • Disable Bluetooth settings on your mobile device whenever it is not in use – If left on, someone could potentially pair to your device and obtain information or take over your device.
  • Follow your employer’s policies – If your mobile device is provided as part of your job, be sure to follow the rules and procedures established by your employer.
  • Keep your mobile operating system up to date to ensure the highest level of protection. Before downloading an update to your mobile device be sure to go to the company’s website to confirm the update is legitimate.

Tips to minimize risk when using text banking

  • Frequently delete text messages from your financial institution, especially before loaning out, discarding, or selling your mobile device.
  • Never disclose your personal or financial information via text message, phone call or email, including account numbers, passwords, social security number or birth date.

Tips on using QR codes safely

QR Code SampleQR codes (quick response codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a mobile device to provide easy access to online information. Much like links in email, QR codes can be used by fraudsters to send you to websites that may request your personal and financial information or could corrupt your mobile device.

  • Treat QR codes with the same suspicion as you would any URL or link you find in an email.
  • Use a QR code scanner from a reputable source that will check links for malicious content before loading them in your browser. This capability can be found in the app description before downloading.
  • Use caution as to which QR codes to scan as some may have been tampered with if posted in a public place.


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