American Community Bank

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring

At American Community Bank & Trust, safeguarding your account is important to us. We offer comprehensive card monitoring to enhance your account security and peace of mind.

You should know that:

  • Our Debit Card Fraud Monitoring tool reviews your normal card usage to determine abnormal patterns or unusual account activity.
  • Combined with up-to-date industry fraud information, our monitoring tool will then evaluate your transaction.
  • If your debit card has been identified as having potential fraudulent activity, you will be contacted by a Call Center Automated call. Please follow the prompts to determine if the transaction is authorized.
  • If you respond that you did not authorize the transaction, your card will immediately be blocked to prevent any further fraud.


  • In cases when the Call Center cannot reach you, they will leave a message. Your card may be temporarily blocked until you have the opportunity to return the call.
  • Contact 877-253-8964 - enter your code from the message - then follow the automated prompts.
  • We encourage you to contact the Call Center at 877-253-8964 or American Community Bank & Trust at 815-338-2300 should you question the validity of the message or any transactions posted to your account.
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